FMST 316 Study Guide - Social Exchange Theory

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14 Jul 2014

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Exchanging name, rank and serial number (pg. 183: early exchanged are likely to include name, occupation, marital status and hometown, there is an unspoken rule of reciprocation; i tell you my hometown, you tell me yours. It was found that the sexual invitations of men are mainly in the form of non-verbal gestures or indirect verbal offers. In situations where women want sex but their partner is reluctant, 50% said they would just ask. 90% said they would arrange a situation where they are alone and then pay extra attention to him, 70% said they would create a candlelight setting, touch them affectionately , dress in a seductive way. Making a commitment (pg. 187: men are less likely to commit, a huge reason for this is that cohabitation is so common; they get the benefits of a wife without marriage. Jealousy and evolutionary theory: males seem to be more upset by sexual infidelity, women by emotional infidelity.