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1FNH 330 Introduction to Wine Science EXAMPLE QUIZNote This is an abbreviated quiz normally 5 pages and often there isare wine labels to discuss re where the grapes came from what formal classification is indicated by the label see lab bookNAME Student IDCircle one best answer for each question or fill in the blank with the correct answer one mark each unless otherwise indicated1 Phylloxera an insect pest on Vitis vinifera grapevines was introduced by accident to France from North America To prevent complete devastation of Europes wine industry wine estates resorted toa burning infested fields b introducing a wasp that preyed upon phylloxerac grafting their varieties onto resistant North American rootstocksd spraying all of their fields with sulfure flooding their fields to drown the phylloxera3 The floral aroma of some wines is due to the chemicala linaloolb hexanalc 2methoxy3isobutylpyrazined diacetyle isoamyl acetate4 In hot sunny climates basal leaf removal around fruit clustersa is considered economical generally for producing inexpensive wineb is not recommended as the berries become sun burnt c results in higher levels of titratable acidity in the mustjuiced increases air movement and hence increases disease incidence on grapese all the above5 The appropriate government regulations have not yet been amended to allow internet sales of wine across provincial borders TrueorFalse 6 In order to elicit flavour perception wine compounds must firsta be volatileb be warmed to body temperaturec bind with circumvallate papillae on the tongued bind with fungiform papillae on the tongue e bind with the olfactory bulb7 What Act regulates the maximum permissible residue level of compounds eg clay egg whites SO2 pectinase used to condition a table winea The Prohibition Actb the Food and Drug Actc the Health Canada and Agriculture Act d the Liquor License Acte the Excise Act8 Typically in balanced pruning the minimum number of fruitful buds left per grapevine isand 10 buds are left for every additional pound of pruningsup to a maximum ofbuds depending upon the cultivar9 BCs Vintners Quality Alliance wine standards are now regulated bya the BC Wine Instituteb Agriculture and AgriFood Canadac the BC Wine Authorityd the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lande none of the above10 One major pathogen microbe that is typically a problem to quality wine grape production in BC is1
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