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Geographical Biogeosciences
GEOB 103
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Week 10 Fluvial LandformsAlluvial DepositsSediment is transported from erosional sources to depositional sinksDeposits of sediment transported by a stream are referred to as alluvium which are typically well sortedAlluvium differs from sedimentary rocks in that alluvium is unconsolidatedImportance alluvium contains placer deposits gold platinum it is used asaggregate for construction the deposits are oftencenters for human development including agriculture transportation routes and communication corridorsOur Focus depositional landforms and processes shaping themIntroduction to Alluvial LandformsWithin the stream channel we find bars pools and rifflesBarsAccumulations of sediment within the stream channel usually along the marginsof the channelThe main flow of the river diverts around the barsthe deepest and fastest part of the channel is called the thalwegPools and RifflesIf we travel down the thalweg we encounter alternating sections of deep slow flow usually right beside the center of a bar and shallow rapid flow near thedownstream end of a barThe slow flowing deep areas adjacent to the bars are called poolsThe rapid flowing shallow zones near the end of a bar are called rifflesThe channel itself is often developed within some sort of larger alluvial depositlaid down over thousands of yearsThese larger deposits can also be considered to be landformsIncluded in this category are
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