GEOB 300 midterm exam notes

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University of British Columbia
Geographical Biogeosciences
GEOB 300
Andreas Christen

LECTURE 1Boundary layersregion above a surface where the flow is significantly influenced by the surfaces energy and mass exchange and surface frictionatmospheric boundary layer3003000m within troposphere controlled by thermal mixing and moisture and pollutants from the ground surfacesmall scale dynamicsmicroscale weather ie Smallscale turbulence shorttermtemperature variation humidity wind and air pollutantsLECTURE 2Studying microclimatesconceptsdomain vs resolution include specific phenomenaprocesses and exclude some others Domain wide large scale area that encloses a lot of atmostpheric processes ie All the macroscale models can be observedassume model boundary conditions Resolution a certain area within the domain that can be parameterized ie Applying laws or equations that can be represented on a more accurate scale ie processes clouds effects on soil etcLECTURE 3Energy and mass balances3 types of energy and mass transfer radiative change electromagnetic photons molecular exchange conduction and diffusion turbulent exchange convection law of conservation flux densityif delta Q QinQout is positiveflux density convergence If delta Q is negativeflux density divergence energy balance NET ALL WAVE RAD down radiation budgetSENSIBLE HEAT FLUX DENSITY upLATENT HEAT water balance up SOIL HEAT downPHOTOSYNTHESIS carbon balance boundary conditionslower boundary condition for PBLupper boundary for soil climtesouter boundary for organisms and buildings assume QfrontQback and need to measure Q top and delta Qs if homogeneous and representative enough through a large areahomogeneityheterogeneityhorizontal variation of any variablehorizontally homogeneous conditionschange of xchange of y0 delta Qpnet biochemical energy story in the biomass thought photosynthesis minus respiration delta Qsbnet sensible heat storage in the biomass delta Qshnet sensible heat storage in canopy air volume delta Qs enet latent heat storage in canopy air volume
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