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GEOG 121 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Anthropocene, Industrial Revolution

Course Code
GEOG 121
Jim Glassman
Study Guide

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Class% Discussion% 2%The%Anthropocene% and% Geography% I
What%are%some%of%the%benefits% of%Anthropocene%in%environmental% politics% (ideas% for%
how%we%use%nature%in%relation% to%humans)?
Awareness,% people% will% recognize% that%it%is% our% responsibility
A%sign% that%it%is% entering% into% a%new%era%(Holocene)
What%are%the%negative/cons% of%the%Anthropocene%concept?
Kick% started% the%Industrial% revolution
It%only% looks% at%the% issues% imposed% by% society% in%the% present,% but% it%does% not% take%into%
consideration% the%communities% from% the% past
Negative% to%the%under% developed% countries
Cause% environmental% issues% (will% there% be%environmenta l% justice?)
Harm%the%economy% (especially% oil/logging% companies)
A%lot%of% people% don’t% care%or%they% don’t% believe% (not% their%generation% to%care)
What%is% the%importance% of%the%date%we%established% the%Anthropocene%concept?
You% would% be%able% to%gain%a%broader% understanding% of%the% historical% context
Although% a%specific% date%is%not% necessary% as%it%is%not% a%scientific% concept
Tutorial) Discussion) 2
Friday,% 23% October ,% 2015
12:52% am
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