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29 Mar 2017

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An interlocking set of social, economic, political and cultural processes and relationships associated with the european view of modern society. 17th century - mid 20th century, widely regarded as a global norm to all states would aspire and advance. Note: a whole way of life; eurocentric. Europe was regarded as most developed and other places were thought to be less developed. Europe was obligated to carry on the burden to bring modernity to other places. Modernity is historic period covered by modern. Modernism is art and culture of modernity: the idea of modernity. 18th century enlightenment; reason over tradition; improvement; idea of progress; technology; secularism as man is the measure". Being modern is superior than traditional society. Reason gives more reasonable ways for doing law and justice: modernity and government. From the court to the parliament, monarchy to democracy. From empire to nation state; 20th century welfare state: modernity and the economy.

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