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University of British Columbia
GEOG 250
Elvin Wyly

MetropolitanMetropolis comes from the Greek meter motherpolis cityJean Gottman saw the separate cities and suburbs of the US East Coast coalescing into an entirely new kind of city MegalopolisThe Extended Metropolitan Region EMR is created by 1 A thickening of market relations for rural areas that serve nearby cities2 The penetration of global market forces into the countryside3 Rapid industrialization and development of rural areas that alters traditional patterns of ruralurban migrationThe desakota from the Indonesian words kota towndesa village Regions of mixed agricultural and non agricultural activities in corridors between big citiesFor Ed Soja Los Angeles is exopolisthe city without where centrality is available everywhereConcepts used to define metropolitan areas in Canada and the US1 A large central population2 Surrounding areas with high population densities or large numbers of commuters3 Adjustments to consider overlapping areas and the opinions of local officials and expertsIn Canada and the United States metropolitan areas 1 encompass many areas that still have rural or smalltown characteristics 2 are becoming more difficult to separate on the basis of commuting flows thanks to new spatial arrangements of home and workUrban ecologists are convinced that the complex division of labor maintains community ties across even the largest of metropolisSince the 1960s there has been optimism that transportation and communications technologies would sustain community without propinquity proximityWhere urban ecologists see equilibrium new urban theorists see inequality injustice and powerRace Ethnicity and Identity in the CityRace a system of social classification that identifies members of a group who are seen as having specific physical traits that set them off as different
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