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China the Middle KingdomChinese believed that they lived in the centre of the world They were correct in the sense of ranking sophistication of wealth and the scale that is simply uniqueScaleChines physical size at the time was not very exceptionalBut in population it was indeed exceptional A fair guess would have been around a hundred million people equivalent to that of all European nations collaboratedAnother element of scale which Chine differs so much from another is the depth of its history GovernanceState ruled China like no other nations would have done at the time1Emperor Heavens Son he possessed the mandate of heaven2Court3BureaucracyBy series of very complex difficult exam one could get into oneBecause the process was so costly such occupation was greatly restricted to wealthy classWere well paid well organized etc Remarkable communication network1 Military network relied on human runners every 3 miles2 Civil network relied on horseback riders everymilesWealthMarco Polo simply enormousEnormous agrarian
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