HIST 102 Study Guide - Anachronism, Early Christianity

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14 Jul 2014

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Individual people are, to some measure, a test whether generalization makes sense. 1478 was a beginning of a long 16th century. Born in london, 1478, a second son of john more, a barrister. Descended from a fairly well-to-do people (trade, profession, king service, etc. ) He was very concerned with problems about the catholic church. When he was 7 years old, the war of the roses came to an end (relatively peaceful). When he was 14 years old, columbus discovered the americas. John more decided thomas more be a lawyer. When he was 16, he off to attend the inns (of court) to study law (apprenticeship) He later went to lincoln"s inn, studied law for another 5 years. Then began his real career as a barrister in 1501. He perhaps studied theology and languages (latin, english, hebrew and greek) He was taught various types of law, including the cannon law (church)

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