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Individual people are to some measure a test whether generalization makes senseThomas MoreWhy do you write Utopia Born in London 1478 a second son of John More a barristerDescended from a fairly welltodo people trade profession king service etcth1478 was a beginning of a long 16 Century England pulled out from depressionMores life was contemporaneous He was very concerned with problems about the Catholic ChurchWhen he was 7 years old the War of the Roses came to an end relatively peacefulWhen he was 14 years old Columbus discovered the AmericasJohn More decided Thomas More be a lawyerWhen to university in 14When he was 16 he off to attend the Inns of Court to study law apprenticeshipHe later went to Lincolns Inn studied law for another 5 yearsThen began his real career as a barrister in 1501He perhaps studied theology and languages Latin English Hebrew and GreekHe was taught various types of law including the Cannon Law ChurchWhy werent there various courses offeredThe recovery of text from the ancient times ancient literature drama political writings and one of the first Western HistoryAbove were unkn
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