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HIST 104
Robert Brain

ID questions-answer 10 of 15 Essay question-choose 1 of 3 reasonably broad ▯ synthesize different parts of the course, won’t be exclusive to one set of readings 5x7 notecard double sided ID questions -write 3-4 sentences (5 max). Any more is too long, timewise. What do they mean in the context of the course -key terms, proper names, places, (who what where when why) concepts, different levels of difficulty -20% of the exam -avoid subjective answers; not enough time for arguments -respect for the people Essay remember that it’s argumentative ▯ -thesis statement and follow it through ▯ -better to have a strong thesis and short paper than a rambling essay -read and really think about the questions ▯ -take a minute to think about what you want to say, possibly map it out -doesn’t have to be long -80% of the exam -generally more than a page or two -double-spacing is nice but not required, write in pen -no need for citations or quotes (but quotes could work) -questions will ask you to draw upon different aspects of the course ▯ -different lectures and readings (harrison) ▯ -eg. spirit catches you and you fall down: how the interpretation of illness effects ▯ the doctor-patient relationship, differences between traditional and western ▯ medicine, the illness narrative: both from the parents and the doctor, the doctoral ▯ definition is representative of larger cultural differences, medicinal concept is ▯
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