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1HistoryColumbusoItalianoMany common misconceptionso1492Bad but mandatory place to start historyEurocentricClichdiscovered America really just wanted to find moneyItaly was pro at navigationoIndianCathayChina ManziFar southeast Asia not ChinaChinaQin dynasty 221BCInterested because of the tradeLettertrying to get to CathayoMarco Polo arrived to America 2 centuries beforeDesired all commodities in ChinaRhubarbcinnamonoRhubarbmiracle drug cured all diseasesoWanted to find moneyPay back king and queen who invested in himWanted to have ships filled with goldWas the only way to spin government for moneyChristian vs nonChristianoEnslaving nonChristians was okoIndiansno religionslavesoThose who defied conversionslavesoMuslims worshipped the devilIdolatersdevil worshippers2oPotential ChristiansconvertExpedition funded by Jewish moneyJews were kicked out 150 thousandSaying the discovery was for conversionmore money1492oFirst globe made but no North AmericaoJewish theft done to find statesoChina had well established government adminMonetary power startsEurope not organized1498oVasco de Gama gets to Indies Portugal1502oNewfoundland is coined and namedoSpainPortugal form a border but only onthe world370 leagues west of Cape VerdeBrazil claimed by Portugal sneaky businessIllustratorsopoint of view without any ideaomade from imaginationotruth covered by multiple retellingsTreaty of TordesillasoFirst attempt by treaty among Europe to develop legal framework for global expansionoDivided the world by maritime agreementoCanary islands taken by PortugaloSpain wants papal permissionprotection like PortugalPrevents others from invadingstealing3oArticle 1Draw lineBelow Carrion islandsPortugal1494 claimed to be the final treatyPortugal gets east Spain gets westoArticle 2No side goes into the otherNo boundary crossingBut not permanent it must be ratified firstBetween June 1Sept5 no one cross border Spain signed firstoArticle 3Within 10 months both sides appoint people to map out lineDetermine where 370 leagues is370 leagues Portugal gets BrazilIf land is found mark erectedSpanish didnt knowEnvoys must be togetherLeague48km land56km seaoArticle 4Innocent passageBoth can sail through each otherCannot claim new discoveriesCourse must be directth19 century Eurasian treaties made on basis that Europe knew lessoToo many loopholesBinding treaties made by popeUNoNo assurance of nonviolationoAmbiguousoOnly contained 2 European countriesoRidiculous treatySpanish Conquest of Mexico 1521
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