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1Contents2January5Lecture1 IntroductionClass still an issueLabor problems toooLaborers beginning to think of politicsoWorkeremployer relations most terrible in BCoMore than anything else these problems are becoming transparentPeople begin to see and discuss the issues critiquing it as welloIndustries are opening up as BC moves away from its fur trade routesRoberts thesis is that class is becoming an issue more and more2 Labourism of 1890sFormation of early workers partiesoMoral economy one of fairness for workers and suchObviously at odds with market economy which is not so fairoParties come and go individual names often forgotten but their ideals live onoAntibig guy antimonopolist want small scale thingsMany wanted to own their own mines much like farmers own their own farmsoAntiAsian antioriental etc sentiments come fromRacismBelief that outsiders undermine their standards and respect3 Political Instability 18981903Politics still immatureoDominated by business owners and land owners who used political power to further their economic or industrial interestsoGenerally divided into dynasties or parties of people with similar interestsStarting in 1898 things start to improve as the dynasties are endedoInitially nonpartisancoalition of various individualsNot exactly wellformed parties lots of emotions tempers etcMany were prolabourThe election of many prolabour people led to the start of laws that benefitted the workersoIndustrialists struck backStandard working day was 11 hours which was lowered to 8 hoursBeneficial for workersThen wages were affected managers gave 350 for 11 hours and 3 for 8 hoursoPolitics intruding into the industry and businesses in a way the latter two did not likeNonwhite and nonaboriginal fishermen and fishworkers became more numerous the most notable being the Japanese who were highly productive and competitiveoHuge rivalry between Japanese and aboriginals as the former were driving out the latter
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