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JAPN 100
Nakata Masahiko

JAPN100: Chapter 1-6 – Verbs & Adjectives U-Verbs: いく 行く to go (destination に/へ) かえる 帰る to go back; to return (destination に/へ) きく 聞く to listen; to hear (~を) きく 聞く to ask (person に) のむ 飲む to drink (~を) はなす 話す to speak; to talk (language を/で) よむ 読む to read (~を) あう 会う to meet; to see (a person) (person に) ある there is…(place に thing が) かう 買う to buy (~を) かく 書く to write (person に thing が) とる 撮る to take (a picture) (~を) まつ 待つ to wait (~を) わかる to understand (~が) およぐ 泳ぐ to swim のる 乗る to ride; to board (~に) やる to do; to person (~を) あそぶ 遊ぶ to play; to spend time pleasantly いそぐ 急ぐ to hurry おふろにはいる お風呂に入る to take a bath かえす 返す to return (a thing) (person に thing を) けす 消す to turn off; to erase (~を) しぬ 死ぬ to die すわる 座る to sit down (seat に) たつ 立つ to stand up たばこをすう たばこを吸う to smoke つかう 使う to use (~を) てつだう 手伝う to help (person/task を) はいる 入る to enter (~に) もつ 持つ to carry; to hold (~を) やすむ 休む (1) to be absent (from…) (~を) (2) to rest Ru-Verbs: おきる 起きる to get up たべる 食べる to eat (~を) ねる 寝る to sleep; to go to sleep みる 見る to see; to look at; to watch (~を) いる (a person) is in…; stays at… (place に person が) でかける 出かける to go out あける 開ける to open (something) (~を) おしえる 教える to teach; to instruct (person に thing を
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