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KIN 151 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Angular Acceleration, Vehicle-To-Vehicle

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KIN 151
Study Guide

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KIN 151 Biomechanics
Chapter 1, 2: An Introduction to Biomechanics
Kinesiology is the study of human movement
Biomechanics: a branch of physics, applies the principles of mechanics to living
Biomechanics can be used to solve informal and formal problems, qualitative and
quantitative problems
Linear motion (translation, rectilinear, and curvilinear)
oLinear motion includes translation, rectilinear and curvilinear motion
oPace is the inverse of speed
oScalar: number only (distance, speed, pace)
oVector: number and sign (displacement, velocity, acceleration)
oSign of a vector quantity can indicate the state of the system and the
direction of motion
oDifferentiation: obtaining information using another value (opposite of
Angular motion (yaw, pitch and roll)
oYaw: saying no
oPitch: saying yes
oRoll: moving head to shoulder
3 cardinal planes dividing body and corresponding axis of rotation
ofrontal – auteroposterior axis
osagittal – mediolateral axis
otransverse – longitudinal axis
Movement terminology and definitions
oKinematics: study of the description of motion, including considerations of space
and time
oKinetics: study of the action of forces
oQualitative: involving nonnumeric description of quality
oQuantitative: involving the use of numbers
oAnthropometric: related to the dimensions and weights of body segments
oAngular: involving rotation around a central line or point
oCurvilinear: along a curved line
oAxis of rotation: imaginary line perpendicular to the plane of rotation and
passing through the center of rotation
oCardinal planes: three perpendicular reference planes that divide the body in half
by mass
oFrontal plane: plane in which lateral movements of the body and body segments
oGeneral motion: motion involving translation and rotation simultaneously
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