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Chapter 1 Sport and Exercise PsychologyAn interdisciplinary scientific and applied field that embraces the integration of sport and exercise science and psychological knowledgeFocuses on o Sport scienceo Performance enhancement o Psychological principlesApplied to sport and exercise settings2 Major Objectives 1 Understand the effects of psychological factors on physical activity behavior and performance 2 Understand the effects of physical activity participation on psychological development health and wellbeingEnvironmental FactorsCoaching OrganizationTeammatesFansOpponents Significant OthersReferees Playing conditionsEquipment WeatherPersonal FactorsPhysical Skills and AbilitiesEmotional regulationMental ToughnessPersonalityCognitive skillsCognitive dispositions Personal expectationsPhysical selfconcept AppraisalsIdentity athleteself Coping skillsPsychological needs ConfidenceCareersTeaching o Provide educational services to communitysport organizationsResearch o Advance knowledge o Attempt to describe predict explain and change behavior cognitions emotionsConsulting o Help individuals and teams improve performance o Enhance sport and personal wellbeing o Has three rolesEducational Counseling Clinical psychology Training forSport science educationClinicalCounseling sport psychology Athletes IdeaReluctant to use SP services o An image of a shrink o Lack of sportspecific knowledge o Lack of crosscultural and crossgender awareness o Lack of knowledge about skills of a SPStandards of ConductEthics is concerned with matters of right or wrongEthics refers to the parameters of the relationship between the consultant athlete or teamEthical responsibility to at best help athletes and at worst do no harm3 Codes of Ethics govern the relationship between practioners and clients 1 CPA Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists 2 Association of Applies Sport Psychology Code of Ethics 3 Canadian Society of Sport Psychology Code of EthicsPrinciples 1 Respect for the dignity of personsReinforces moral rightsRespect privary 2 Responsible caringMinimize and maximize benefitsMust work within range of competence 3 Integrity in relationshipsMaintain objectivity and remain unbiasedAvoid conflicts of interest 4 Responsibility to societyDevelop knowledge through inquiryCaring for an individual must be first priorityChapter 2 PersonalityOverall organization of psychological characteristics o How we think feel and behave to differentiate from othersConsistent overall pattern that is unique to an individual o Help us predict how people thinkAll areas of psychology fall back or relate to personality Disposition A broad way of relating to particular types of people or situationsRelated to personality Trait A stable characteristicquality that represents a portion of ones personalityCombinations of traits make an individual uniquepersonality
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