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Week 12 2012 Lecture summary.doc

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University of British Columbia
KIN 261

HKIN 261 2012 BundonKorotchenkoWK 12 Summary NotesHKIN 261 Week 12 Lecture Summary NotesDisability bodies and technologies1This classPart 1 Lecture Social model of disabilityDisability as social determinant of healthAccessible designCanWheel projectDisability and sportPart 2 Tutorial Thinking about accessibility 2Defining Disability143 of Canadians report having a disability StatsCan 2006Defined as limitation in ever day activities due to physical or psychological conditionsIncrease since 2001likely due to aging population and more chronic conditions being identifiedlabeled as disabilityDisability increases with age37 of children under age 14 to 434 among persons aged 35Disabilities related to pain mobility and agility are the most commonDisability Definition 1Medical Modelbiological conditions physical sensory cognitive developmental impairments that limit the physical and mental functioning of an individual 2 Social Model Impairment is the physicalbiological condition while disability is the social conditionthe barriers and stereotypes that isolate and exclude individuals from full participation in societySocial model of disabilityDistinguishes between disability and impairment similar to way in which feminist movement distinguished sex from genderViews impairment as physical or corporealViews disability as the socially constructed meaningconsequences attributed to impairmentEg not being able to climb stairs is an impairmentthe fact that many buildings have staircases is the disabling factor assume everyone has same capabilitiesdefinition of disability changes over time and culturePeople first Languagehow we use words show how we view people with disabilities1
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