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HKIN 261 2012 BundonWK 9 Summary NotesHKIN 261 Week 9 Lecture Summary NotesSocial Determinants of Health1This classPart 1 Lecture Social determinants of healthPart 2 Documentary The Long WalkPart 3 Tutorial Race for Wellbeing2Health in a global context There are large differences between countries with respect to life expectancy a key health measureother common measures include under 5 mortality rates1000 birthsglobally has declined from 88 in 1990 to 57 in 2010Ex Life expectancy at birthCanada81Japan83Afghanistan Chad Lesotho48Ex Child mortality ratesCanada59Japan32Afghanistan149In low and middleincome countries 4 of the top 10 causes of death areinfectious diseasesIn highincome countries 9 of the top 10 causes of death arenoncommunicable diseasesWe can look at some of these factorsbiologygeneticspersonal and cultural health practices nutrition exercise etcaccess to health careresourcesenvironment3The social determinants of health Hans Roslinga physician researcher and statistician who has dedicated much of his work to understanding disparities in healthfocused primarily on income in that video One Social Determinant of Healthincome may be the most importantsignificant determinant in that it is interrelated with other determinants but it is not the only oneThe social determinants of health arethe economic and social conditions that influence the health of individuals communities and jurisdictions as a wholeNote Income is ONE of the social determinants of health and it is interrelated to with many of the other determinantsit is definitely a very significant perhaps the most significant but it is not the ONLY social determinant of health1
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