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HKIN 261 2012 BundonWK 10 Summary NotesHKIN 261 Week 10 Lecture Summary NotesSocial Determinants of Health1This classPart 1 Lecture Aging demographics ageism examples of ageism from researchPart 2 Documentary Still KickingPart 3 Tutorial ReviewDiscussion of course readings and lecture material 2Aging demographicsPopulation agingoccurs when there is a increase in the proportion of individuals aged 65 relative to the other age groups in a given populationA population is considered old when more than 10 of the population is over 60Example Canadaproportion of people 65 in 19015proportion of people 65 in 2006137proportion of people 65 in 2036245Globally we have seen an increase in the percent of individuals aged 65 compared to other age groupsthis trend is more pronounced in some regions that others Causes of population aging1 Increased longevity the expected number of years of life2 Decreased fertility the number of children being born per couple person or population Decreases fertilityCanada180070 children per woman195939 children per woman200716 children per womanWhile the trend in Canada has been towards lower birth rates there have been two notable exceptionswhat events prompted these exceptions1Depression2Baby boomers at the end of WW2By 20301 in 4 Canadians will be aged 65 compared to 1 in 7 todayall baby boomers will reach 65 by 20303Apocalyptic demographyApocalyptic demography the fear that the population aging will have dire social and economic consequencesaka voodoo demography alarmist demographyfear endorseddisseminated by media and special interest groups1
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