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HKIN 261 2012 BundonWK 11 Summary NotesHKIN 261 Week 11 Lecture Summary NotesChronic Illness and Stigma1This classPart 1 Lecture Chronic Illness and StigmaPart 2 Documentary The Revolving DoorPart 3 Tutorial Review of study questions 2Chronic conditionsChronic conditions arehealth problems that require ongoing management over a period of yearsdecadesIn contrast acute illnesses are conditions that have an abrupt onset and usually only short term infections flu food poisoningChronic conditions are currently the main cause of death worldwideWorld Health Organizationfour categories of chronic conditions1 noncommunicable diseases cardiovascular cancer diabetes2persistent communicable diseases HIV AIDS hepatitis never goes away3certain mental disorders depression schizophrenia4ongoing impairments in structure amputations blindness joint disorderschronic disease never happen in isolation linked or increase probabilityPrevalence of chronic conditionsthe prevalence of chronic conditions increases with age13 of older Canadians have multiple chronic conditionsBundon Hurd ClarkeMiller 2011 Frail older adults and patterns of exercise engagementParticipants older adults with multiple chronic conditions faced dramatic declines in their physical abilitiesNonethelessthey continued to participate in exercisephysical activityCurrent patterns of exercise engagementreflected lifelong personal priorities and valued social rolesParticipants used exercise and physical activity as a means of maintaining a continuity of self when faced with deteriorating physical abilities maintaining other abilities Gender and chronic conditionsMen tend to contract more serious and lifethreatening chronic illnesses than women1
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