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MATH100 Midterm 1 Analysis

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MATH 100
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Gus CrowardsExam Analysis UBC Math 100 Midterm 1 Test breakdown The three major topics covered for midterm 1 were limits continuity and differentiation The test is usually 50 minutes and worth 35 pointsPart A Question 1 is a series of 56 short answer problems worth 3 points each about 4 minutes per question These questions are straightforward They will usually ask you o to find a limit or o differentiate a function or o make a piecewise function continuousPart B There are usually 3 long answer questions that require you to show all of your work and are worth about 7 points each They will require a more in depth understanding of the topics and your ability to apply multiple concepts learned simultaneously including o The Intermediate Value Theorem o The definition of continuity o The definition of a derivative o Tangent lines and intersection o Differentiability Test statistics Below are 2 pie charts that give a general idea of how much each topic is tested in each part of the midterm The statistics are based on frequency of the topics appearance on the test not weighted for how many points each question is worth The statistics are based on 3 different years midtermsGus Crowards Limits and limit laws 1 Main points The limit of a function fx is the value that the function approaches as x approaches a specific value a or infinity If the limit of a function seems at first to approach 00 the limit might need to be rearranged by some of the limit rules to be evaluated Basic limit rules Ratioproduct ruleSum rule Constant rule
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