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BRAZIL COASTALBILL MOYERS VO Where land approaches the waters edgethen drops under its waves all that is the unique world of the coast Not entirely land nor completely water the coast balances both Green and Blue Sand and Mud Mangrove and Reef They need and feed one anotherIn most of the world most of us still live and draw our food from that thin rich margin of coast Like a bright ribbon it runs over the globe Here passing round the Atlantic shoulder of Brazil through the mangrove trees and reefs of TamandareOnethird of all the fish we eat feed off reefs In fact nearly nine million different kinds of creatures live on coral reefs those submerged shelves of sandstone that give microbes a scaffold for building living stoneBEATRICE FERREIRA You see color A lot of color Its like a rain forest Because fishes are like birds in the rain forest They have different colorsMAURO MAIDA You also see an Equilibrium very stable environment like very harmonic environmentBILL MOYERS VO The husband and wife team of Beatrice Ferreira and Mauro Maida both marine biologists moved to Tamandare seven years ago to study this coastal ecosystem the reef the rivers that feed it and the people who use itBEATRICE FERREIRA There is a big culture in Brazil a beach culture People like to go to the beach play beach sports and be there for carnival There are a lot rituals traditional rituals that are made by the sea So there is a lot of relationship cultural relationship with the sea and with the seaside
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