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University of British Columbia
Natural Resources Conservation
CONS 200

Rehearsal Exam1 Multiple choiceConservation is a normative conceptdescribe how we ought to or should act towards sthvaluesbeliefs that differ across groups and culturesConservation is normative because it prescribes that we act in particular ways in the context of HumanE relationsMeans v EndsEnds things that matter to people goalsGuest Lecture Rebecca Witter elephantMaintaining biological diversity protect wildlife and improve peoples livelihoodRobert Kozak social businessCorporate social responsibility to help natural resources conservation but it doesnt workJana Kotaska bearBanning trophy hunting respect aboriginal rightsGeorge Hoberg pipelineAddressing the antitanker declaration from FN and reduce the risks and passive impacts that pipeline project brings aboutRobin Naidoo CBNRM African conservation programImprove livelihoods and maintain biodiversityJone Innes conservation in ChinaTo change the weak conservation situation and protect the endangered species in ChinaSabine Jessen Marine areasProtect marine areas and ecological important speciesPeter Wood Logging in AfricaProtect BCs Flathead and its biodiversity value wildlife and communities Means Actions to achieve particular endsHE relationshipHistorical Subtle modifications to local environmentsContemporary global scale impacts longterm consequence complex interdependent linkages and feedbacksHuman dimensions Responding to humancaused crisesHistoric traditions and relationshipsNormative beliefs and values about right HE relationsInsGovNaidoo CBNRM program to devolved rights to local coms communal land as conservancies increase income and increase wildlife population and rangeJone wildlife is used as a resource utilitarian approaches when dealing with animals
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