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BOMBthe vehicle to end all wars Niels Bohrlaid groundwork for quantum physics Danish worked at Los Alamos in Mexicosuggested that electrons change levels Lise MeitnerDiscovered fission 1938Leo Szilardtried to warn US Navy of the implications of fissionAlbert EinsteinWrote a letter to Roosevelt warning of implications of fissionManhattan Projectinvention of the Abomb Big Science first big site HanfordGrovesArmy engineer head of Manhattan ProjectRobert Oppenheimerphysicist that invented AbombthLittle Boy Uranium Hisoshima august 6 1945thFat Man plutonium Nagasaki August 9 1945Earnest O Lawrencehead of Oakridge site presided over worlds largest cycleotronJames Conantphysicist almost fanatical enthusiasm for science in the governmentWeinbergdirector of Oakridge National Lab1961worried line between science and journalism was being blurredAtomic Energy Actstates president is sole authority over atomic weaponsredefined notion of commander in chiefBeriahead of soviet project Stalins Rocket EngineJune 1949 First Soviet Abomb exact copy of Fat ManLucky Dragon1954 Japanese shipping boat suffered radiation sicknessOperation castleBravo Hbomb detonated at 3x stronger than expectedTreaty of nonproliferation1970 major powers provide nuclear umbrella for allies so that everyone doesnt have to go nuclearIAEASmiling BuddhaIndian Bomb tested underground about 100 miles from Pakistan
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