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PHIL 334
Catherine Ortner

Conflictcompatibility bw supporting sexual freedomdiminishing male dom implications for policylaw Marino conflict bc background equality not characteristic of society so most consent is ingenuine if accepted by law we would have little sexual freedom but dom might lessen Siegel incomp bc diff approach 2 in practice means men cant fire women for refusing to sleep w them but can fire for sleeping w other women Frye compatible bc women might have more sexual freedom if male dom wasnt so prevalent bc our male dom society makes us submit to sex for male pleasure so no freedom MacKinnon comp bc male dom society makes women have lack of power over what they willwont do Nussbaum comp bc using someone is ok w consent mutuality intimacy and symmetry Card comp bc privatizing marriage promotes sexual freedom and lessens male domHomo vs hetero homo practices tell us about hetero oppression male homo vs women homo Mohr marriage for all is fused intersection of loves sanctitynecessitys demand marital benefits KW only difference is coming out Frye lesbians dont have sexneither do women bc no orgasm male homos can have sex Bordo in ancient Greece male homo sex was problematic bc one man was recipient of penis which was passiveinferior real men in Latin cultures are dominant penetrating partner BW homo will never have invisible societyfounding rightness that hetero has struggle for rights by both parties oppressioninequality homo men are more like women than men which could account for oppressionViolencegender hierarchy violence vs other factors ways to combat violenceconcerns in doing so Rhode women organize lives around fear of rape violent pornography for male pleasure history of failed court cases in which men get away w violence Heberle violence creates bullyvictim MacKinnon rape leads to depression fear of intimacy historical def of rape focus on small segment of crimes violence denied and minimized MarxEngels class MacKinnon sexuality male and female are defined in terms of an understanding of sexuality where gender hierarchy is eroticized to be sexy is to be dominant in a genderappropriate way Rhode make violence felony policelawyers dont see dom violence as real crim work women rely economically on abusive partners shelters and social services need more funding Rhode trivialization of issues by everyoneMale dom effect on acceptable sex new or changed lawsinstitutionssocial practices that make sex permissible Marino male dom society makes all consent ingenuine Nussbaum sex is permissible w consent mutuality symmetryintimacy Kant sexual use only morally acceptable if both parties give themselves equally to each other so that autonomy is preserved Herman decent sexual conduct depends on participating in an institutional framework of rightsresponsibilities which secures partners views of one another as a person w a life not just an object Heberle fix social practice of minimizing problem deconstruct meaning of male dom by fighting backlooking at womens diverse experiences instead of generalizing to find legitimacy for violence Card restore equalityautonomy by changing marriage into institution that avoids dependence current framework makes it almost impossible to protect oneself from
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