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Political Science
POLI 100
Bruce Baum

Apathy From the point of view of democratic socialism the isolation of the state from civil society is not the solution to the issue of political domination and freedom Describing how the separation of people from power is the means used to keep people uninterested and apathetic the Port Huron Statement explains The apathy is first subjectivethe felt powerlessness of ordinary people the resignation before the enormity of events But subjective apathy is encouraged by the objective American situationthe actual structural separation of people from power from relevant knowledge from pinnacles of decisionmaking Just as the university influences the student way of life so do major social institutions create the circumstances which the isolated citizen will try hopelessly to understand the world and himselfEconomicparticipatory democracyWhat did they mean by participatory democracy As is today with the Occupy Wall Street movement tt was the common desire to participate in making their own destiny and in response to the severe limitations of an undemocratic system that they saw as representing an oligarchy It was a way of empowering the individual as autonomous but interdependent with other individuals and the community as a civic society The source of hope to bring about the necessary change to create a truly participatory democracy one based on a policy shift to broaden productive capital ownership simultaneously with economic growth is the technological revolution of the Internet and social media If we do not rechart this countrys direction further development of technology and globalization will undermine the American middle class and make it impossible for more than a minority of citizens to achieve middleclass status The working class will be further dissipated and the poor will bccome poorer While Americans believe in political democracy political democracy will not work without a propertybased free market system of economic democracy The system is the problem but it can and must be overhauled The two prerequisites are political power which is the power to make interpret administer and enforce laws and economic power the power to produce products and services whether through labor power or productive capitalAspected of alienated labour a From Products of own LabourThe first aspect of alienated labour is the separation of the worker from the products of the workers labourUnder capitalism the worker created products or objectsCommodities produced by labour are taken away from the worker and sold and labour itself becomes a commodityThis produces wealth for the capitalist but poverty for the workerThis alienation produces riches and power for some but enslaves and degrades workersThe product of labour belongs to the capitalist who uses it to create profits Workers have no control over the product or over what they are producing and the products workers create end up dominating workers b From the Process of Production or from Work Itself This is alienation in the process of production within productive activity itselfSince the product is separated from the worker the act of production is active alienationBehind this critique stands Marxs view of the possibility of a more integrated form of labour whereby the labour process is controlled by workers where there is a unity between mental and manual labour and whereby workers together determine what and how production takes placeThe market and capitalists do not dominate and control production in this alternative view Under capitalism work is controlled by employers and is external to the worker and is not part of the workers natureThe worker is not fulfilled but has a feeling of misery is exhausted and debasedThis is how socialpsychological aspects of alienation emergesuch
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