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Define summarize or explain important concepts ideas and theories that we have examined this term1 What Defines DemocracyPopular Rule or Rule of the People Process for collective decisionmaking where each member of the association is consideredpolitically equalLarge Scale Democracies Require Dahl1Free fair and frequent elections2Freedom of expression3Alternative sources of information 4Associational autonomy5Elected Officials 6Inclusive Citizenship Other Criteria for a Democracy Garner 1 Governing operates through legislature policies and administration2 All governing bodies should be involved in crucial decision making 3 Rulers should be accountable to the ruled Justify their actionscan be removed if not right4 Rulers should be representative of the ruled5 Rulers should be chosen by the rule6 Rulers should be chosen by representatives of the ruled7 Rulers should act in the interests of the ruled2 Dahls Criteria for a Democratic Process Criteria for a democratic process1effective participation all members have equal and effective opportunities to make their views known on a policy2voting equality every member has an equal an defective opportunity to vote and all votes must be counted as equal3enlightened understanding each member must have equal and effective opportunities for learning about alternative policies and consequences4control of the agenda members must have the exclusive opportunity to decide what matters are to be placed on the agenda5inclusion of adults all most adult permanent residents should have the full rights of citizens3 What Are ConstitutionsoGenerally refers to a nations political culture pattern of rule oSpecifically may refer to a document that outlines the basic institutions of state and procedures for changing them as well as the basic rights and obligations of its citizensoConstitutions can change but states generally make it difficult so that change can happen without haste and after due reflection oOne of its basic features is that it contains a list of citizens fundamental rightshave gone from political to include broader social rights see UNDHR oExtension of rights however leads to the expansion of room for judicial interpretationCan lead to clash between the courts enforcement of rights and parliamentary sovereignty 4 Rule of Law What does it meanTwo functions of the law
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