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University of British Columbia
Political Science
POLI 100
Christopher Erickson

POLI 100 Midterm Study Guide Essay can be written in first person Be aware of current events to help support argument Front page news storiesin the past Syria and Libya Potential Essay Topics Comparison of two political ideologies Pros and cons of a particular ideologyapproachTypologies of the statehow do these typologies apply in a given situationComparing scholars and their views on ideologies Does sovereignty still play a role with the rise of globalizationHow governments use fearAspects of powerhow they help explain a given situationThree approaches to nationalism where does nationalism come from oNationalism is there all of the time primordialoNationalism is created it does not exist naturally we make it up and treat it as if it does exist naturallyoNationalism draws from a number of prehistoric frameworksoDeals with cultural aspectsoEthnic and civic nationalism ethnic nationalism has been associated with violenceDifferent ways of interpreting law the letter of the law the spirit of the lawlegal positivism what does it say on the page whatever the state says is the lawCommand theoryPluralism variety of competing groups none of the groups have complete control envisions an ongoing conversation among these groups and a consensus is formed and the state acts upon this consensusRawls Theory of Justicemakes the presumptions of the Liberal individual state of nature position the original veil of ignorancewhere you fit in society what role you
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