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Poli 101 notesDr Allan CraigieAllancraigieubccaIntro to Canadian governmentCourse outlineTutorial 10 of final gradeTerm paperstandard paper posted on vista answer the question Examination2 hour exam 25 hours givenessay question110 or 12 definition questions How has politics impacted upon me todayPolitics is all encompassing so we dont even comprehend everythingWhy study politics science The vast majority of people do not understand how decisions are made within the system We should study political science to help people develop those skills to understand governments and decision making processes Once you know more you can influence decisions What is politics Politics come from scarcity Politics is the practice of deciding who gets whatThere are competing claims to resources Political science is the study of POWER Politics is more difficult than physicsAlbert Einstein physicist You cant control out variables in social sciences like you can in natural sciencesGovernment action closedcompetition for and exercise of powerall human interaction open Political spectrumwhere is politicsNormally politics focuses on the middle competition for and exercise of powerGreater understanding of Canada in abstract before divinity specificityPowerWhat is powerPolitical power is the ability to make people do what you wantPower is neither good nor bad but it is a means to an endExercise of power occurs within a constantly changing social political and economic environment You work with the information you are given and hope for the best Types of powerPower manifests in different waysCoercion oThreat or use of force criminal law traffic regulationsInfluenceoAdvisors people who have the ability to make people listen respect of opinion AuthorityoPrime minister governor general authority to make decisions and tell us what to doCharismatic authorityoWhen people love the person in power Hitler Stalin Kennedy and TrudeauoThis power allowed them to do good and badTraditional authority oPrime minister Influence of Britain on Canada oTrying to change monarchy traditionsRational legal authorityoProvincial legislation is the same as all provincesRule of lawoLegal aspect of powerContestation for power takes place within the Canadian stateWhat is a stateTaken for granted in the modern world but the end result of a long
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