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University of British Columbia
Political Science
POLI 101

Poli 101 NotesRegime A system of rule or rulingAInstitutionsBPrinciples that inform institutionsAristotle whose interests are being served by the systemJust or unjust Who rules One few manyCommon good vs self interestOne kingtyrannyFew aristocracy oligarchyMany politydemocracyFew are pure mostly mixture but usually lean to oneKingshipcommitment to common goodbenevolent dictatorTryranny gain of individual nothing for public goodAristocracy elites pledged to greater goodrarestOligarchy elites work to ensure their own dominance or self interestDemocracy angry mob Demosmasses crataspeople Aristotle and founding fathers do not trust Many oppress few Tyranny of majorityPolity best of bothbroad participation and commitment to public goodMajority rule doesnt always respect minorityCanadian democracyValues and principles inform commitment to democracy and limit majority ruleWho rules and for what purposeRegime principles and values are shortcuts to meaning of common goodSeptember 10Founding principlesEquality liberty and popular rule or sovereigntyPopular sovereigntypeople hold ultimate authorityFormsDirect democracyreferendums which are binding or plebiscites which are not Initiativesstarts as petition Can lead to recall of elected official Impractical and majoritarianPop sovereignty Representative government Elected are accountable to the peopleIndirectparliamentary democracyform of representative government similar to the UKParliamentary governmentrepresentative body Indirect selection of executiveSeptember 12Parliamentary systemIndirect a role for crown monarchy vs republic or presidentialHigh implementation costhigh legitimacy electionplebiscitereferendum Political equalityNot social or economicEqual role in political ruleThreatseconomic and social inequality Representation by population reduces influence of inequalityCampaign spending rules Equal right to run for office Accountability to all CanadiansCan be promoted through constitutions and human rights actsPositive equalityhelp minorities via protection and representationLibertyPrivate sphere No place for government in the bedrooms of the nation Choice within bounds of law Liberal democracy respect for lawSeptember 14Arguments for liberalismInalienable or inherent universalindependenceNatural rights utilitarianism
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