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University of British Columbia
Political Science
POLI 333
Catherine Ortner

WellingtonBig Things from a Small PlaceJayde JessomePolitical Science 328BPaul KopasThe purpose of this paper is to point out the ways in which Wellington New Zealand is actively attempting to establish itself as a competitive city on a global scale This paper will argue that the three central ways in which Wellington is positioning itself globally and attracting people to the city are through its filmmaking industry education system and strong economy and business sector This paper will first outline the political framework of New Zealand as a means of illustrating who has authoritative power over the city of Wellington This paper will then look at tourism and migration within both New Zealand and Wellington and will further argue that Wellingtons expansive filmmaking industry has been an essential platform which the city has relied upon to attract creative tourists and migrants to the city While focusing on tourism due credit will be given to director Peter Jackson for his contribution to Wellingtons filmmaking industry Furthermore Richard Floridas creative class theory will be examined as a framework which the city of Wellington has adopted This paper will then analyze the education system of Wellington and point out the ways in which the city is competing globally as an attractive location for students to study and live Finally this paper will look to the Grow Wellington initiative as a means of examining Wellingtons future plans to establish itself as a good place to do businessThus this paper willargue that through its worldrenowned filmmaking industry educational facilities and growing economy and business sector Wellington has established itself as a great place to live visit study or do business It is a city where 1you can quite literally have it allThe authoritative power over the city of Wellington is situated within a unique political framework of New Zealand The governmental structure of New Zealand is relatively distinct from other countries in the world New Zealand is recognized internationally for its successful government system appearing at number one in the world on the Corruption Perceptions Index for the country with the least amount of 2governmental corruption Over the past couple of decades New Zealand has been 1 Grow Wellington WellingtonNew Zealands Capital of Cool 20132 Corruption Perceptions Index 2011 Transparency International 2011
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