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THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIAPOLITICAL SCIENCE 360A 004SECURITY STUDIESWINTER SESSION 20122013 TERM 2InstructorArjun ChowdhuryAssistant Professor Department of Political ScienceOffice C312 BuchananOffice Hours F 1012 and by appointmentPhone Office 6048221480Email arjuncinterchangeubcca Course DescriptionWar is the father of all king of all Who manifested some as gods and some as men Who made some slaves and some freemenHeraclitus wrote this a long time ago War has not gone away in the intervening 2500 years Indeed people have found ever more creative ways to kill each other Our understanding of war however has improved Whether or not we can stop war we know a lot more about it This class will approach the study of war by analyzing two types of conflict interstate wars and intrastate wars In each case we will evaluate the causes why wars happen the process of wars how they are fought how they end and policy options for dealing with war how to stop war or fight them better We will test these explanations on actual conflictsCourse formatWe will follow a different format from the usual lecture course In some weeks the lectures will be uploaded and you will be required to watch them online This will enable us to use the time in class to do group assignments on which you will be marked 50 of your overall mark The ability to work in a team is becoming a necessary skill for graduates seeking work in business or government I have changed the format to provide you a different learning experience and we will invite people from the Learning Center to assist with the processCourse Objectives1You will understand the causes of interstate wars and intrastate wars2You will analyze particular conflicts through lectures readings and assignments3You will develop policy responses to existing conflict situations Course structureTo learn the material in this course and to earn a good mark you must attend class do the readings and participate in group assignments I do not make my lecture notes available on the website beyond the lectures which will be uploaded1
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