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Advertisement Paper

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PSYC 100

Rabiaal Aqillah Shazali 1 20432126 The rhetorical question, “What’s the secret of speed?” immediately grabs attention. With details from its effective imagery, simple sentence structures and attractive color choice, the advertisement implicitly gives the consumers the answer to that question: Nike products. Instead of showing other postures, the usage of a running cheetah with Nike logo on its body, emphasizes the connection between the brand and the fastest animal’s speed. The black background helps focuses on the cheetah that is kept at its original appealing color. By using simple words, the message communicated is clear. The viewers get that the “Master” refers to the cheetah. The advertisement is using the peripheral route of persuasion. Therefore, it does not require the viewers to carefully analyze the ideas being generated. It relies mostly on heuristics and symbols. In this case, the animal is easily distinguished. Since it is widely acknowledged that cheetah is the fastest animal, the metaphor constructs the advertisement to be more accessible and easily understood by the audience (Stern, 1988). The clear information communicated through symbol is beneficial to the viewers. Suggested by the empirical journal, advertisements primarily affect consumers through the provision of information (Ackerberg, 2003). As noted, the receiver of advertisement sent through peripheral route can easily be misled by superficial factors; such as the attractiveness or agreeableness of the communicator and the number of times the message is seen (Lilienfeld, Lynn, Namy, Woolf, Cramer, & Schmaltz, 2011). Unlike the central pathway of persuasion, this route does not provide many arguments. Starting with the interesting rhetorical question, “What’s the secret of speed?” the advertiser does not elaborate on the intended secret. Besides, the advertisement also does Rabiaal Aqillah Shazali 2 20432126 not provide any background information on its convincing representative, the “Master”. Although the audience will acquire minimum information, it actually reduces the risks of miscomprehension. Precisely, the information provided in the advertisement does not fully influence their decision since the consumer’s purchasing patterns will significantly change through learning more of the products (Ackerberg, 2003). The requirement of information in advertisement is irrefutably important. Nevertheless, excessive information risks the customers to face information overload (Judge, Langton, & Robin, 2010). The advertisement relies on unconscious influences on emotion. Stimuli shown in this advertisement through the graphic can automatically influence emotional behavior. Here, the advertiser uses an effective word choice. The word secret ref
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