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University of British Columbia
PSYC 100

DEFINEANSWERpsychology scientific investigation of physical and mental behaviorexperimental methodused to text predictions derived from theorybasic scienceaccumulation of knowledge for knowledge sake describe predict and explain behaviorapplied scienceapplication of knowledge to solve practical problems modify behaviourEmpiricismknowledge based on observationScientific Methodrules for observation experimentation and measurementSkepticismreject explanations that lack proofAuthorityexplanations by experts that lack proofIntuitionexplanations based on personal experiencePseudosciencenonscientific explanations that utilize scientific languagePopular opinionExplanations commonly acceptedPast Approaches to PsychologyStructuralismFunctionalismWundt Titchener Hall JamesPsychoanalysisFreudBehaviourismWatson Pavlov SkinnerHumanismRogers MaslowCurrent Approaches to PsychologyCognitive RevolutionPiaget ChomskyEvolutionary PsychologyDalyWilson ToobyCosmides BussWilhelm Wundt 18321920First to use scientific method to study conscious thoughtConscious awareness of own use scientific methodWants to break consciousness down into componentsEvolutionary PsychologyInvestigate function of mental processesAnatomy of a Research ArticleAbstract Summary of hypotheses methods and resultsIntroduction Outlines research question reviews past research and theory introduces formal hypothesesMethods Describes the participants procedure and materials usedResults Describes what was found tablesgraphs statisticsDiscussionAre results consistent or inconsistent with hypothesesCompare with past research and suggest practical applicationsReferencesResearch methodsprocedures for obtaining data which can then be used to answer research questionsGoals of Psychological ScienceDescription describe phenomenon in detailSystematic observationmeasurement of behaviourExplanation generate a theorytest itTheory model that explains connectsorganizes existing observationsHypothesis statement derived from theory
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