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University of British Columbia
PSYC 101
Michael Souza

Lecture 12 13 MemoryTextbook Chapter 6 Prefrontal cortex has been strongly linked to the supporting working memory and the hippocampus has strong connections with the ability to learn new declarative memories Alzheimers disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease for which there is no cureat least yet Key neurobiological changes plaques and tangles appear to be associated with the profound alterations in cognitive function we observe The world of memoryAbility to store and retrieve information over timeAspects of memory 1 Processesstores 2 RepresentationMemory processesEncoding bringing stuff into the mind o Process of turning thoughts or feelings into an enduring representation o What you pay attention to is what is going to be encodedOptimizing encoding o Elaborative encoding the more you work w it the better you remember o Visual judgement rhyme judgment semantic judgment how it relates to what you know what it has to do w you o Levels of processing theoryStrategic encoding ex build a structure and then fill in the linesStorage representation in the mind for a certain amount of timeTypes of memory storage o Sensory memory brief fleeting visual or auditory sensory store short maybe 68 secsIconic memory visual capturing the visual worldEchoic memory auditory very brief huh Brain catches upHuge capacity very very brief millesecondsable to store lots of info in little timeBaddeleys modelo Working memoryMoment to moment information in our mind question in mind when answeringCritical cognitive skill predicts intelligence better working memincr likelihood of being intVisuospacial sketchpad visual the minds eye closed eyes but you can still imaging things and seethingsdiffersinpeoplevividornothing mental imagery mental workspace that is visualbasic for mental or visual imageryPhonological loop auditory you can only process so much at a time thinking things to yourself internal dialogue talking or thinking to ones selfCentral executive gives out mental resources determined by what is most important the bossLimited capacity 7 2itemspiecesofinformationthat you can remember at a timeEffect of chunking 561seventyeighteighty278isoneiteminsteadRetrieval access memory for utilization
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