PSYC 101 Study Guide - Job Performance, Nootropic, Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence

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15 Jul 2014
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PSYC 101 Full Course Notes
PSYC 101 Full Course Notes
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Intelligence: the ability to direct one"s thinking, adapt to one"s circumstances and learn from one"s experiences. Intelligence testing: predict a child"s performance in school. Intelligence testing meaure the ability to answer questions and perform tasks that are highly correlated with the ability to et good grades, solve real-world problems, and so on. Property: intelligence consequences: good grades, becoming a leader, earning a large income, finding best route to gym etc. But these are hard to test for, so instead we devise an easily administered set of tasks. Ratio iq: a statistic obtained by dividing a person"s mental age by the person"s physical age and then multiplying the quotient by 100: 10 year old with mental age 10 year old: (10/10) * 100 = 100, 10 year old with mental age 8 years old: (8/10) * 100 = 80. A 30 year old with mental age 60 year old will have ratio iq of 200 [(60/30)*100 = 200].