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Psych101IntelligenceIntelligence The ability to direct ones thinking adapt to ones circumstances and learn from ones experiencesIntelligence is normally distributedIntelligence Testing predict a childs performance in school Done by Alfred Binet and Theodore SimonIntelligence Testing meaure the ability to answer questions and perform tasks that are highly correlated with the ability to et good grades solve realworld problems and so on Property intelligence Consequences good grades becoming a leader earning a large income finding best route to gym etc BUT these are hard to test for so instead we devise an easily administered set of tasks Ratio IQ A statistic obtained by dividing a persons mental age by the persons physical age and then multiplying the quotient by 100 10 year old with mental age 10 year old 1010100100 10 year old with mental age 8 years old 81010080A 30 year old with mental age 60 year old will have ratio IQ of 200 6030100200 This does not make sense because the individual need only maintain their mental abilities for a few decades to be labled a genius Deviation IQ a statistic obtained by dividing a persons test score by the average test score of people in the same age group and then multiplying the quotient by 100 A person scoring the same as the average score of age group would have deviation IQ of 100 Pros an individual cannot become a genius simply by aging Cons Does not allow comparisons between people of different ages a 5 year old and a 65 year old could have the same deviation IQ of 120 by outsmarting their peers but that does not mean they are equally intelligentRatio IQ for children deviation IQ for adultsStanfordBinet original SimonBenet edited by Lewis TermanWAISmost widely used intelligence testsIntelligence scores tend to stabilize after about 7 years of ageIQ test predict a persons academic performance job performance health wealth attitudes cognitive abilities
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