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PSYC 101
Bobby Fokidis

Chapter 6 Vocabulary Encoding- the process by which we transform what we perceive, think, or feel into an enduring memory Storage- the process of maintaining information in memory over time Retrieval- the process of bringing to mind information that has been previously encoded and stored Elaborative encoding- the process of actively relating new information to knowledge that is already in memory Visual imagery encoding- the process of storing new information by converting it into mental pictures Organizational encoding- the process of categorizing information according to the relationships among a series of items Iconic memory- fast decaying store of visual information Echoic memory- fast decaying store of auditory memory Rehearsal- the process of keeping information in short term memory by mentally repeating it Chunking- where bits are collapsed into packets of information (eg. 350694837chunked: 350 694 837; reduces 9 bits3 bits) Working memory- active maintenance of information in short term storage Anterograde amnesia- the inability to store and/or retrieve new info (forgets in seconds) Retrograde amnesia- the inability to retrieve old info, but can remember new items of info Consolidation- the process by which memories become stable in the brain Reconsolidation- memories can become vulnerable to disruption when they are recalled, requiring them to become consolidated again Long term potentiation (LTP)- a process whereby communication across the synapse between neurons strengthens the connection, making further communication easier; repeated firing of neuron pairs enhances their signal transmission NDMA receptor- a receptor site on the hippocampus that influences the flow of information between neurons by controlling the initiation of long-term potentiation Retrieval cue- external information that helps bring stored information to mind Encoding specificity principle- cue reminds
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