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PSYC 102
Toni Schmader

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PSYC Extra Book Notes 04042013 202100 CH13 Personality Personality structure Freuds idea of the minds structureEgomostly conscious make peace between the id and the superegoSuperegointernalized ideasIDunconscious energySix Defence MechanismsRegression o Recreation to a more infantile psychosexual stage where some psychic energy remains fixatedReaction formation o Switching unacceptable impulses into their oppositesProjection o Disguising ones own threatening impulses by attributing them to othersRationalization o Offering selfjustifying explanations in place of ht real more threatening unconscious reasons for ones actionsDisplacement o Shifting sexual or aggressive impulses toward a more acceptable less threatening object or personDenial o Refusing to believe or even perceive painful realitiesCarl Rogers PersonCentred PerspectiveBelieved that a growth promoting climate required three conditions o Genuineness When people are genuine they are open with their feelings drop their facades o Acceptance when people are accepting they offer unconditional positive regard an attitude of grace that values us even knowing our failings o Empathy When people are empathic they share and mirror others feelings and reflect their meaningsReciprocal Influences
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