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All Lecture and Textbook notes for Midterm 1

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PSYC 102
Tanya Salamander

Pysch102: Introductory Psychology Research Methods in Psychology (3) Why study psychology scientifically? -our intuitions are often biased 1) Descriptive Research: -case study, survey research, naturalisitc observation -we know our variables and want to describe them -watching what happens naturally -in a public setting, do happy people tend to be grouped with other happy people, and sad people with other sad people? 2) Correlational Research: -accessing relationship between 2 or more variables -is a persons happiness positively correlated with the happiness of his/her roommate? -using correlations in twins to measure heritability of a trait -ex: is depression related to low self-esteem? -can range from -1 to +1 -magnitude of value, shows you the strength of the relationship -0 indicates no relationship between the variables -positive relationship means they move in the same direction -a negative correlation means -you can test many variables at the same time -ex: does persistence relate to other outcomes in addition to GPA? -lower numbers(.24) is a higher correlation than (.70) -.18 better predictor than .45 Statistical significance: the statistics that went into calculating the magnitude of the relationship -less than 5% probability that the difference between conditions happened by chance -denoted statistically as p
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