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Psychology 102

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PSYC 102
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Psyc 102 Section 004 20132014 Psyc 102 Section 004 20132014 Term 2 o Learning Objectives from the textLearning Objectives from class Learning Objectives by text and classTerm OpenersName your instructor and Teaching AssistantsName one classmate who you could contact in case you need helpState the materials you need to use in this courseIdentify what you already know about psychologyList some of the topics we will be exploring together this termExplain how your learning will be evaluatedBrainstorm ways you can help yourself succeed in this courseFrom Test 1 UnitsChapter 1 Psychology and Scientific Thinking What is Psychology Science versus Intuition o Explain why psychology is more than just common sense o Explain the importance of science as a set of safeguards against biasesDescribe key features of the science of psychology Psychological Pseudoscience Imposters of Science o Describe psychological pseudoscience and distinguish it from psychological science o Identify reasons we are drawn to pseudoscienceContrast psychology with pseudoscienceEvaluate potential examples of science vs pseudoscience using the 6 principles of scientific thinking and warning signs of pseudoscience Scientific Thinking Distinguishing Fact from Fiction o Identify the key features of scientific skepticism o Identify and explain the texts six principles of scientific thinking Psyc 102 Section 004 20132014Evaluate potential examples of science vs pseudoscience using the 6 principles of scientific thinking and warning signs of pseudoscienceThoughtfully discuss the vaccineautism issue as a reason for using scientific thinking Psychologys Past and Present What a Long Strange Trip Its Been o Identify the major theoretical frameworks of psychology o Describe different types of psychologists and identify what each of them does o Describe the two great debates that have shaped the field of psychology o Describe how psychological research affects our daily livesList and briefly describe the major theoreticaltopical movements in psychology
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