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PSYC 207
Michael De Souza

PSYCHOLOGY 207 NOTESPsychological ScienceScientific study of behavior the mind and the brainCognitive psychologyStudy of cognitive mental processes productsBiological psychologyStudy of the biology that gives rise to cognitive and behaviorIn search of the mindEmpedocles of Acragas 500 BCCardiac Hypothesis the heart gave rise to the mindAlcamaeon of Croton 490430 BCBrain is the organ of the mindGalen 129 199Was a surgeon proposed brain hypothesis noticed brain injury resulted in decreased localization of controlBrain hypothesis the idea that the brain is the source of behavior Rene Descartes 1596 1650Believed in rationalism reason as justificationReflexes nerves are hollow tubes and reflexes are result of stimulus brain can suppressed reflexes some reflexes go away through development Ex Quadriplegia big reflexes ALS either increased reflexes or diminished reflexes Dualism mind and soul are separateRole of the pineal gland suggested the mind influences the body through the pineal glandHow is the brain organizedMaterialismThomas Hobbes believed in materialism brain gives rise to mind mind is what the brain doesBrain organizationUndifferentiated massLocalization of function Franz Josef Gall 17581828Phrenology felt peoples scalps looking for bumps idea that brain grows bigger in more active parts to determine behavior and personalityLocalization of function first proposed by Gall his function mapping was incorrectAlthough his is wrong it challenges scientists to find out what brain isDifferent brain area serves different function areas of the brain work together to support
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