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University of British Columbia
PSYC 217
Catherine Rawn

SEPTEMBER 9 Lab component5 class periods as labs led by TFs o Sept 30vital group work o Oct 14 vital group work o Oct 28 vital group work o Nov 9 wont be docked but very usefulwednesday o Nov 18 wont be docked but very usefulPoster session Nov 25 79 pm LSIProject guide Cuttlerbring to labsPeer feedback 1she will send link due oct 17 LEARNING OBJECTIVESGenerate an eg that illustrates the limits of relying on folk wisdom common sense authorityIdentifying unifying feature of psychExplain how scientific method relates o critical thinkingDefine 3 key of scienceUse characteristics of sci to distinguish from pseudoscienceLECTURE Unscientific methodsFolk wisdomcommon sense everyday assumptions o Differ betw cultures o ClichsunfalsifiableAuthorityeg Parents doctors and what they sayIntuition gut feelingHigh risk of bias eg Bias associated with memory Critical thinkingDefn ability and willingness to seek the truth andor completion of ones knowledge to seek evidence before declaring something is true to evaluate that evidence before acceptingrejectingQuantitative research methods gives us a common lang and set of tools to guide and encourage critical thinking how is psych scientificunderstand behaviour using methods of science3 characteristics of science o Systematic empiricismRely on observation structured so will reveal impt infoVarious research methods offer structure o Production of public knowledgePeer reviewreplication o Search for solvable problems Practicing thinking like a scientistCritiquing eHarmonycomTold that 5 people meet online or 25 people go online to meet people claims 29 aspects of compatibility and uses science to match peopleevidence that were asked to believeo Stats not published peer reviewed o Only show success stories conformation bias SEPTEMBER 12 LEARNING OBJECTIVESExplain how to find empirical journal article on particular topicDefine key goals of science
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