PSYC 217 Study Guide - Consistency, Theory-Theory, American Psychological Association

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14 Jul 2014

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Psyc 217 chapter 2 where to start. Test a hypotheses type of idea and questions makes a statement about something that may be true. Waiting for evidence to support or refute it. Researchers make a specific prediction concerning outcome for experiment. Prediction not confirmed, researcher reject or conduct further research using different methods to study the hypotheses. Informants: people help researchers understand the dynamics of particular cultural and organizational settings to be out turn don"t always. 1)common sense the things we all believe to be true. May show much more complicated than our commonsense ideas would have it. Conducting research to test commonsense ideas often forces us to go beyond a commonsense theory of behavior: observation of the world around us personal and social events can provide many ideas for research. Role of serendipity the most interesting discoveries are the result of accident/sheer luck (ex. Ivan pavlov: theories: -consists of a systematic body of ideas about a particular topic/phenomenon.

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