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PSYC 217

Psyc 217 Chapter 2Where to StartHypothesesPredictionsTest a hypothesestype of idea and questions makes a statement about something that may be truewaiting for evidence to support or refute itstated as informal research questionresearchers develop a procedure for collecting dataresearchers make a specific prediction concerning outcome for experimentprediction confirmed hypotheses supportedprediction not confirmed researcher reject or conduct further research using different methods to study the hypotheseshypotheses only supported not provenWho we studyParticipentsSubjectsRespondents survey researchInformants people help researchers understand the dynamics of particular cultural and organizational settingsSources of Ideas1Common Sensethe things we all believe to be truenotions dont always turn out to be correctmay show much more complicated than our commonsense ideas would have itconducting research to test commonsense ideas often forces us to go beyond a commonsense theory of behavior2 Observation of the world around uspersonal and social events can provide many ideas for researchcan lead you to ask questionsrole of serendipitythe most interesting discoveries are the result of accidentsheer luck ex Ivan Pavlov3 Theories consists of a systematic body of ideas about a particular topicphenomenonideas of relating theories of behavior form a coherent and logically consistent structure that serves two important functions1 theories organize and explain a variety of specific facts or descriptions of behaviortheories are needed to impose framework by providing a few abstract concepts we can organize and explain a variety of behaviours2 the generate new knowledge by focusing our thinking so that we notice new aspects of behaviortheories guide our observations of the worldgenerates hypotheses about behavoiur and researcher conducts studies to test the hypotheses scientific theory is grounded in actual data from prior research as well as numerous hypotheses that are consistent with the theorytheory well established enables us to explain a great deal of observable facts4 Past Research becoming familiar with a body of research on a topic is perhaps the best way to generate ideas for new researchin different setting different age group different methodology to replicate resultsmay see inconsistencies in research results that need to be investigated
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