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PSYC 300
Lawrence Walker

11/7/2011 5:09:00 PM Anxiety disorder OCD Obsession usually but not always followed by compulsion Obsession Unwanted (ego dystonic) intrusive mental event Recurrent persistent Recognized as product of one’s mind Attempt to suppress or neutralize thought Repetitive behavior in response to an obsession Washing, counting, checking Clinically significant criteria  Significant distress or impairment in functioning or very time consuming Treatment SSRI antidepressant high dose are used Anxiety and effects 1st. Discontinue 2nd. High-relapse rate CBT = exposure and response prevention Neurosurgery  Different pattern of brain activation  25-50% people with OCD also have tic disorders Very severe and treatment resistant Frontal lobes Basal Ganglia  very rare Post-traumatic stress disorder Shell shock- mix of what we call PTSD and conversion disorder today. DSM definition of trauma Experienced, witnessed or confronted with an event involving actual or threated death or serious injury to self other and react with intense fear, helplessness or horror. Rape, physical assault, car accident War and natural disaster, 1/10 experiences a trauma PTSD DSM criteria for PTSD Must be a trauma and triad of symptoms 1. Re-experiencing 2. Avoidance and numbing 3. Arousal Treatment 1. Prevention Stress inoculation training 2. Early intervention Short term CBT, supporting counseling 3rd. Treatment CBT involving exposure Antidepressants Somatoform disorder Commonalities 1.Body physical symptoms Or has preoccupation 2.No identifiable medical cause 3.Psychological basis is assumed 4.Defend against psychological interpretation 1. Somatization disorder AKA Briquette’s disorder or syndrome Numerous physical complaints
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