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University of British Columbia
PSYC 305
Pamela O

Personality Psychology (305A) Midterm 1 review questions: 1. Provide a definition for personality. Elaborate on choice of words. 2. What is a theory? 3. What are the qualities that a good theory should hold? 4. Describe a correlational study, and provide an example of when best this research method would be used. 5. Describe an experimental study, and provide an example for which this method of research would prove most efficient. 6. Describe a case study, and provide an example for when this research method would be most applicable. 7. Briefly elaborate on the difference between reliability and validity. Can a study be reliable but not valid, and vice versa? 8. List the three methods used to assess reliability, and explain them. 9. Explain the five forms of validity. 10. Briefly explain the trait perspective of personality, its merits and its criticisms. 11. What is a trait? 12. Describe the methods used to identify which traits are most important. 13. What is factor analysis? 14. What are the various methods u
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