PSYC 307 Quiz: Observational Studies

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Main goal- describe behaviour of particular groups in parti. situations. Main goal- describe experience in a speci c setting. Concealed observation- potential violation of ethics, however it is considered ok if its conducted in a public space. Non-concealed observation- people may change their behaviour when they know they"re being watched. Difference between both obs. - trade of between ethics and Time consuming - time it takes to process data. 1-specify categories of behavior- ex. helping in the video. 3-code behaviour into speci c categories- coded whether the kids or chimps help. Time consuming- they may have to repeat the situation various times. Only make claims as far as the situation goes- cant generalize to other sit. Archival research- content analysis - written or spoken material used to observe or understand individuals behaviour content analysis. Not only people code or score, computers can also do this.

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