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Cognitive ProcessesTodd HandyJanuary 5IntroWhat are cognitive processes Napoleon Dynamite clipbeyond language and what humans do mentally memories emotional responses attention issuesperception knowledge Cognitive processes are the parts pieces and operations of mind They concern how we represent information in our minds and how this information guides our thoughts and actionsWhy study this stuff interesting for dem geeks practical value Exam organization3 noncumulative exams equally weightedPart 1 Lectures 18 Mental Representation Exam Feb 2Part 2 Lectures 916Individual Cognition Exam March 13Part 3 1623 Social Cognition Exam during final exam period Format1014 mc questions 1 point each1214 short answer questions 4 points each24 concise and direct sentencesSome tipsperformance not about memorizingabout critical thinking and putting things togetherread the articles before class generallyEXAMPLES of concepts discussed in class January 10Mental Representation What are Representations Things that symbolize or represent other thingsie Vancouver 2010 Olympic Rings and Inuqshukthe rings represent the Olympics but they arent the Olympics Representing Information in the Brain In our mindsbrains we represent information about ourselves and our external environment hearing Todd lecturerepresenting sounds in braineverything you are aware of internally or externally that will be represented in your brainNeurons are the representational medium in the braina cheeseburger as it exists out in the world is represented by neurons allowing you to see it We represent different kinds of information in different parts of the brainCognitive ProcessesTodd Handy different parts of the brain do different things math vision language memory emotion pain body parts sense of selfThe brain is flexible in terms of where stuff can be represented Language capacity for spoken and written language our species developed spoken language long before humans can writeWritingreading is not natural for our species and it takes effort to learn but letters visually represent our auditory language Braille a sensory representation of our auditory language for those with visual impairmentsThe BrainPort Representing vision and other senses as braillelike bumps Woman damages vestibular system doesnt have balancemounted balance on her head hooked up to pad with braillelike grid placed on tonguethe grid stimulates her tongue by buzzing in relation to the balance on her head allows her to process which way she was tilting ultimately restoring her balance Basic Anatomy of the BrainLeft and Right Hemisphere Occipital loberepresents visual ever see stars when youre hit in the back of youre head Temporal lobeauditory visionrecognition with faces Parietal lobemotor body function Frontal lobethinking decisions conceptual sense of self Gyrus bumps on brain plural gyri Sulcus crevices on brain plural sulci SplitBrains The consequence of a callosotomy where the connections between the two hemispheres is severedif you sever the corpus callosum reduces epilepsy attacks
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