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PSYC 309

309Lecture 2Different parts of brain do different thingsThis weekHow does neuroplastisity relate to representing information of the brainAnything is in our mind internal and externalis the representation info in the brain3 thingsNerons in the brain is the representational mediumDifferent parts of the brain represents different thingsLeft hemisphereseat of language and processes in a logical and sequential orderRight hemisphere face visual and processes intuitively holistically and randomlyGyrusSulcusFrontal loberecognize future consequences resulting from current actions to choose between good and bad actions or better and best override and suppress unacceptable social responses and determine similarities and differences between things or events retaining longer term memories which are not taskbased modifies those emotions to generally fit socially acceptable norms Parietal lobeintegrating sensory information from various parts of the bodyTemporal lobeThe temporal lobe is involved in auditory perception and is home to the primary auditory cortex It is also important for the processing of semantics in both speech and vision The temporal lobe contains the hippocampus and plays a key role in the formation of longterm memoryOccipital lobeis the visual processing center Jan 19Lecture 5Process the thread we need to detect it first and then proceed itwhat path wayAmygdale info from the what pathway and then reimage here detect whether the stimuli is a threatLots of steps Takes time to reachthreat pathwayReach amygdaleprocess stimuli much faster thus react faster might not be the best reaction but its really fastFood I Saw was burger friestoastWhen I have a significantdangerous stimuli then I might not see the things that come immediately after thatIn emotion blindness is defined by the intentional blink It blocks what happen after itThe orbital frontal cortex Temporal lobe epilepsyif the emotion is out of control movie clipsSoul spirit got affectedNeuron starts firing randomlyCould not shut up for a long timeThinks he is Intensive feeling with godfinally I realize about the universeSo much pain so much joy could not come back to realityFeel like could appreciate the world better than other peooleVery emotional about everything around him feel like he could represent justiceCould cause by the disease the way the temporal lobe is wired around the emotional worldThe lope is creating all the emotionsEmotional salience landscape tells u what is important and what is not thinkEverything becomes deeply significantBig and badnot everyone will suffer so intenseNero firing start the temporal lope and spread surrounding effects other areaSomething small could become significant
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