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PSYC 331
Don Dutton

Study GuideAbusive Personality Which three categories of perpetrator are found in research on IPV What characterizes each category Instrumentalunder controlled violent in and outside of the home history of antisocial behaviour high acceptance for violence attachmentdismissing low empathy MCMIantisocial aggressivesadistic Impulsiveunder controlled cyclical phases high levels of jealousy violence mainly of solely toward intimate relationship attachmentfearfulangry depression anxiety based rage MCMIborderline Impulsive over controlled flat affect or constantly cheerful persona tries to avoid conflict attachmentpreoccupied high social desirability scores chronic resentment MCMIavoidant dependent passive aggressiveWhat evidence suggests these personalities begin to develop early in life Teachers aggression rating of students in gr 1 and 5 predict teen age conduct disorder Aggressive girls select aggressive boys assertive mating Aggressive girls become aggressive mothers What is the cycle of violence What is unusual about the descriptions of perpetrators tension building stageperson is going into a darker phase victim thinks there is something in the environment which is causing this moody behaviour and they go out of their way to make the environment better for themthey feel like they are walking on eggshellsBattering stage something within the person drives them to act out violence ensues typically this is where the police are calledCalm stage perpetrator transforms into someone who begs for forgiveness and promises to change this is a confusing stage for the victimalmost like there are two people housed under this one casingDr Jekyll is back What is unusual about the personality structure of borderlines Gundersons Three Phase Defense structure of the borderline personality is similar to Walkers cycle of Violence How do these unusual points match up Dysphoric stalematetension building Relationship perceived as possibly lostbattering Relationship is lostcalm stage What are some central characteristics of borderline personality A proclivity for intense unstable interpersonal relationships characterized by intermittent undermining of the significant other manipulation and masked dependency An unstable sense of self with intolerance of being along and abandonment anxiety Intense anger demandingness and impulsivity usually tied to substance abuse or promiscuity How might these bring borderlines into conflict with the law Emotions spiral out of control leading to violent behaviour due to lack of impulse control within intimate relationships resulting in DV 911 call What was the research methodology for the Dutton studies of the Abusive Personality Assessed borderline tendencies attachment trauma symptoms anger in male court mandated treatment group Correlated personality variables with their wives reports of abusivenessBPO scale self report of identity diffusion I see myself in totally different ways at different times reality testing problems I hear things that other people claim are not really there and primitive defences people tend to respond to me by either overwhelming me with love or abandoning me What was found about BPO and abusiveness BPO scale correlated strongly with wives reports of emotional abuse physical abuse and domination Husbands personality scores accounted for 50 of variance of wives reports of emotional abuse 35 of domination The higher the mans BPO score the more abusive he was Mens BPO scores and MAI anger scores had correlation of 58 with their partners reports of both physical and psychological abuse Was this just for court mandated samples No both assaultive and nonassaultive groups were tested How do we know that attachment is a powerful motive
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