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University of British Columbia
PSYC 331
Don Dutton

Forensics Final Serial Killers: What is the modus operandi of the serial killer? Do we know how they are developed? Reading: Chapter 14 Why do victims not report sexual offences?  Victims do not feel that the matter is important enough  They believe the matter has already been dealt with  They feel the matter is too personal, or they simply don’t want to involve the police. What is the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse?  17% for females  8% for males Sexual Assault Definition over the years  Prior to 1983, rape: a male person commits rape when he has sexual intercourse with a female person who is not his wife without her consent  Rape: any non-consensual sexual act by either a male of a female person to either a male or a female person, regardless of the relationship of the people involved. Sexual assault Severity levels 1. Simple sexual assault (Max sentence 10 years) 2. Sexual assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm (Max 14 years) 3. Aggravated sexual assault (Max Life) Short term consequences for victims: 70% children experience psychological symptoms Long term: substance abuse, depression, eating disorders and prostitution Rape trauma syndrome (2 phases)  Acute crisis phase: lasts for a few days-several weeks. Very high levels of fear, anxiety and depression; Heightened levels of distrust and self doubt, as well as self-blaming and “why me” practices.  Long term reactions phase: lasts few months-several years. Development of phobias such as fear of being left alone or fear of leaving the house, developm
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