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1 Defining Family Across the Life CoursePortrait of Changing Families 2006 CensusSame sex marries couples are increasing at a faster rate Large increase in oneperson householdsMore young adults aged 2029 living with their parentsThere are fewer marriedcouple families Definitions give us legitimacy It carries a status of normality or rightsFormal definition of family or marriage may have important implications for ones lifeAffect qualifyingdenied access to employment and government benefits immigrations acts The definition resides in common use of the term with all of its normative biasesIdeology Disagree same sex couple as family on moral and religious groundsStandard form of definition Seek to establish the meaning of a word through 2 componentsGenus Sharing similar propertiesFamily is a social group just like friendsSpecies How the things we are defining differ from other things in the genusFamily is the only form of social group whose membership is achieved through the sexual bond of same generation adults and biological reproduction Equivalence of Meaning Each definition is a term that can be replaced by several words that do the definingBill Sue and their children are a familyThey are a social group containing sexually bonded adults and biological offspringRestrictive definitions Common in dictionariesFamily is a fundamental social groupDoesnt tell us what a family is so much as what its function is supposed to beVery specific 2 opposite gendered adultsExcluded groups include Gay marriages and their children single parent families children raised by their grandparentsInclusive definitionsYou consider someone is your family if you feelcare about themParticular contexts in which those definitions must functionLegal definitionsContext is enforceable by legislated lawsCustody maintenance commonlaw relationships and cohabitation Immigration lawWho is the dependent on the fine printLegislation of families changes across political regions within or outside a countryThey can restrict our intimate relationshipsSometimes legal definitions are out of sync with social norms normative definitions It is the result of formal laws never being repealed or of interest groups advocating legislations that is not normativeNormative definitions informal normsContext is the social norms in a society Canadians believe a family is composed of 2 opposite sex adults their biological offspring and also same sex and adopted children and that the adult relationship may be cohabiting and not formalized by marriage as well as single parentsWith multicultural and economic pressures normative definition is continue to expandSocial construction would change the normative definitionsSocial constructions of the family gain power only when adherents to a perspective increase in numberTheoretical definitionsContext is the concepts and proposition of a social science theory Marriage contains having a publically recognized sexual bond between two peoplePropositions are the backbone of a theory defined by any statement that relates one concept to anotherSpousal exchangessocial exchange or rational choiceInequalityfeminist or social conflict theoriesRational Choice Theory A family exits to optimize individual outcomesLife Course Theory Emphasizes existing social norms and expectations A young mother expects to breastfeed the infant where as an old woman does notThey are neither right nor wrong Some theories cannot apply explanations to all behaviorsResearch definitionsContext is a specific research questionAll of them can be linked to measurement A way to assign numerals to a conceptAmbiguity and vagueness are the enemies of good research Often cannot implement it in the real world and use random sampling of a population instead Steps in the Research ProcessThe research question
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